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What Is A Bobtail? - Trucker Terms - Simple Definitions

What Does Bobtailing Mean? Additional Use in Trucking: A bobtail also refers to a straight truck transporting (and sometimes running on) propane gas. This is a term designated by the U.S. Department of Energy. Forms also used: Bobtail bobtailed Bobtail

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What is a Bobtail Truck? - J.D. Power

Jan 15 2021 · Types of Bobtail Trucks. There are three common types of Bobtail trucks. 1.Semi-Truck or Running Bobtail Truck: As the term may imply a running Bobtail truck is a smaller semi-truck without a trailer. A semi-truck consists of two main components; a and a trailer. A fifth-wheel type hitch attaches the trailer with the

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